“Some vocalists aspire to be jazz singers. Others claim the mantle but fall short. The lucky few, like Kristen Lee Sergeant, meet the challenge and merit the title.”
–  Bob Blumenthal

DownBeat Magazine Critic’s Choice Inside Out, Kristen’s debut, available now.

Just finished a piano lesson with Anne Boccato – humbling as usual! I think it’s an art to know when working on something that’s hard for you is outside the realm of what’s useful to work on, and when it’s something that will strengthen and hone your talent. I studied breakdancing for a while when I first moved to the city: good example of a not useful diversion in my creative life (that I wasn’t particularly talented doing, shocking though it seems.) Studying piano on the other hand, is something that trains my ears and my harmonic sensibility and will make me a better composer and singer, no matter how much I suck at it. I think if I keep mining into the caverns of my weaknesses there are gems to be found.


Nov 2nd
Blue Fin W Hotel NYC
7:30 – 10:30
Nov 15th
The Plaza Hotel NYC
8:30 – 11:30
Dec 7th
Blue Fin w/Joe Cohn & Chris Smith W Hotel NYC
7:30 – 10:30

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Keep The Change

It’s only through deeper contemplation that the sometimes surreal experiences of life in New York City can take on meaning – the random events that transpire over a typical day can feel like you fell through the looking glass. That’s where those of us who choose to live here either get that blasé nothing-can-faze-me look

Wine & Sax

Sometimes, music sounds so good you can’t help but make the same appreciative sounds you would had you just eaten a delicious piece of BBQ, or tasted a fine wine. Every Thanksgiving, I try to elicit both responses to both music and wine paired to match one another. Last year, I paired Pinot Noirs of the