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“She’s got a clear and flexible voice…She gets clever as she saunters through a hip read of the famous Police Song “Every Breath You Take” and gets luscious on an enticing “Old Devil Moon.”…this lady is a vamp – and I like it!”

Singin’ & Swiggin’ on Thanksgiving (or, why Sarah Vaughn reminds me of California Pinot)

So, every Thanksgiving I host a family wine tasting the night before the holiday (this tradition beat out several attempts at running a Turkey Trot 5k race the next morning – we now stick to our strengths.) This year, my brother suggested I pair music with the wine, making this year’s tasting a pleasure to

at the movies…

Firstly, a film recommendation: “Whiplash” a psychological horror movie of pedagogy, still in theaters. Imagine that Mr. Holland went demonic and taught jazz and you’ve got the idea. It’s the story of a young jazz drummer who is taken in by this teacher and has a journey of madness, music and obsession. The film made


It’s our job to make art out of what’s left over. Assertion, intention — sculpt the past’s remnants scattered on the rocks; Flotsam memories of vessels once afloat and whole. We must make new marvels of what we find – Stake and arrange our rock-strewn broken pieces with whatever passion possible Even as the waves