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Wine & Sax

Sometimes, music sounds so good you can’t help but make the same appreciative sounds you would had you just eaten a delicious piece of BBQ, or tasted a fine wine. Every Thanksgiving, I try to elicit both responses to both music and wine paired to match one another. Last year, I paired Pinot Noirs of the

words, wine and song…

  Lately I’ve been giving more thought to the word “jazz”, and what it means to categorize any art. Study any of the greats in this music, and you’ll find a very uneasy relationship between the its greatest practitioners and the word that supposedly describes the music they make. A long list of jazz legends loathed

On Moe Brooker’s “Present Futures”

– Present Futures, Moe Brooker 2006 Only with a knowing could he streak and scribble like that Perfect squares – beautifully blighted by clouds of color These aren’t the spatters and chaos of accident But a sage lover’s improvisations Spectral waves in vibrant intimacy rubbed squiggled and smudged Creation’s joy is in the making Formless