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“Song Sessions” premieres in collaboration with Jazz at Lincoln Center

  Ted Nash & Kristen Lee Sergeant Relocate And Innovate With “Song Sessions” (BroadwayWorld.com feature) by Stephen Mosher Jun. 12, 2020   Watch this and future concerts, “Jazz & Juice” episodes and more at Kristen’s Patreon Page. When New York City was placed under an isolation order due to the current health crisis, jazz musicians

“Smolder” is a DownBeat Editor’s Pick

Jazz vocalist Kristen Lee Sergeant opens her sophomore album, Smolder, with a track that nods to the aesthetic on her excellent debut, Inside Out. That 2016 album included jazz arrangements of the 1980s pop tunes by The Police, Tears For Fears and Modern English. Read Bobby Reed’s complete stellar review here:

‘Smolder’ Liner Notes Released!

To smolder is to find oneself in an unpredictable state.  The heat is there, steady yet subtle, but its trajectory is unknown.  Will fire regenerate and burst into a conflagration or diminish and die?  The emotional tinder is ever-present, its ultimate destination never certain.  This is the landscape that Kristen Lee Sergeant traverses, now throwing

Praise for “Inside Out” and performances

Kristen’s debut, Inside Out, has been singled out as a  Critic’s Choice in DownBeat Magazine, 2016. “Dramatically fresh arrangements…Sergeant puts her theatricality to superb use… Inside Out is a solid debut from a classically trained vocalist whose journey into the jazz realm has already yielded gems; we hope to hear more in the future.” DownBeat