Sometimes it can be difficult to remember that we all have our own personal seasons when it comes to creativity. On social media, all we see is the spring: shows opened, albums released, books finished, awards received, all seemingly out of the blue. Far less often do we see the period of necessary work, reflection and germination that make those moments possible. The winter of slogging through, of grit without inspiration, of doubt – in film this gets a five minute montage with some thumping background music, and soon the reward is at hand: the hero emerges ready for battle, the masterpiece is composed, the magnum opus is written.  In real life, the process of progress can lose it’s luster (especially if “Eye of the Tiger” doesn’t constantly pipe through your home sound system).

It’s helpful for me to remember that stillness has it’s place, and sometimes surrendering to hibernation, percolation, steeping, if you will, is part of being creative and productive. A bursting forth can’t occur if a little energy isn’t kept, held, even trapped for a time. Spring will come, impossible as it is to believe literally this year, and the blooms of art will be as sweet as the tulips soon to start sprouting. To continue with the floral metaphor – it’s as important that bulbs stay dormant, underground and tended to as it is to celebrate the bursting forth of color and petals, when it’s their time.


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