Wine & Sax

Sometimes, music sounds so good you can’t help but make the same appreciative sounds you would had you just eaten a delicious piece of BBQ, or tasted a fine wine. Every Thanksgiving, I try to elicit both responses to both music and wine paired to match one another. Last… Read More


Consciousness & Cabaret

  I’m so glad I took a friend’s advice and saw Barb Jungr perform her show “Hard Rain” at Joe’s Pub last week – seeing such a fearless and all-out performer bring herself to the songs of Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen was not just a great night… Read More


New Orleans

​I stole away to New Orleans this past week – just a two day visit – to get my fix of the city. I keep going back, and miss it when I don’t. There’s something ineffable about the place that draws people to it…and I know every time… Read More


words, wine and song…

  Lately I’ve been giving more thought to the word “jazz”, and what it means to categorize any art. Study any of the greats in this music, and you’ll find a very uneasy relationship between the its greatest practitioners and the word that supposedly describes the music they… Read More

Having Standards

We all have awakenings to things or people we’ve taken for granted – perhaps it’s the happiness of a homecoming to a town you always knew, or seeing your long-time spouse across the room at a party suddenly refreshing you as to why you fell in love with… Read More


Church Singin’

So, I left religion in a fit of juvenile atheism at the age of 14, but never the church – soon after I abandoned attendance and confirmation classes, a family of rollicking folk musicians took over the music program at the Sacred Heart. Their brand of hand holding,… Read More


Are We Ever Being Ignored?

Most musicians I know working in New York City are doing it several times a week – they bring all their passion, expertise and chops to play and effectively be ignored at a party, restaurant, or a particularly boisterous club. In the rooms I sing in, there’s usually… Read More