• nyc_sound_tracks

    Keep The Change

    It’s only through deeper contemplation that the sometimes surreal experiences of life in New York City can take on meaning – the random events that transpire over a typical day can feel like you fell through the looking glass. That’s where those of us who choose to live… Read More

  • parker

    Wine & Sax

    Sometimes, music sounds so good you can’t help but make the same appreciative sounds you would had you just eaten a delicious piece of BBQ, or tasted a fine wine. Every Thanksgiving, I try to elicit both responses to both music and wine paired to match one another. Last… Read More

  • dylan

    Consciousness & Cabaret

      I’m so glad I took a friend’s advice and saw Barb Jungr perform her show “Hard Rain” at Joe’s Pub last week – seeing such a fearless and all-out performer bring herself to the songs of Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen was not just a great night… Read More

  • cinderella

    Of Divas and D.I.Y.

      So just about a year ago I recorded an album – it was one of the best days of my life, all told. Four hours of a studio session with an amazing team both in the band and in the engineer’s booth, where my only job was… Read More

  • image2

    New Orleans

    ​I stole away to New Orleans this past week – just a two day visit – to get my fix of the city. I keep going back, and miss it when I don’t. There’s something ineffable about the place that draws people to it…and I know every time… Read More

  • bulbs

    The Rites of Winter

      Sometimes it can be difficult to remember that we all have our own personal seasons when it comes to creativity. On social media, all we see is the spring: shows opened, albums released, books finished, awards received, all seemingly out of the blue. Far less often do… Read More

  • duke2

    words, wine and song…

      Lately I’ve been giving more thought to the word “jazz”, and what it means to categorize any art. Study any of the greats in this music, and you’ll find a very uneasy relationship between the its greatest practitioners and the word that supposedly describes the music they… Read More

  • balzac

    Balzacian Inspiration

    Honoré de Balzac is one of my absolute favorite writers. His work, his scope, his humanity – I’m a little fanatic about it. If you’re looking for writing that deals with urban life, love, striving and art making, he’s your guy (and may I humbly suggest starting with… Read More

  • Having Standards

    We all have awakenings to things or people we’ve taken for granted – perhaps it’s the happiness of a homecoming to a town you always knew, or seeing your long-time spouse across the room at a party suddenly refreshing you as to why you fell in love with… Read More

  • present futures

    On Moe Brooker’s “Present Futures”

    – Present Futures, Moe Brooker 2006 Only with a knowing could he streak and scribble like that Perfect squares – beautifully blighted by clouds of color These aren’t the spatters and chaos of accident But a sage lover’s improvisations Spectral waves in vibrant intimacy rubbed squiggled and smudged… Read More

  • blue quotes

    5 Quotes for Your Week

    I thought I’d give the floor to some of the more brilliant things I’ve heard or read in the last week or so – wise words from an artist, writer, musician, a particularly incisive colleague or a jam session conversation…and a tweet doesn’t really do them justice. I… Read More

  • aretha

    Church Singin’

    So, I left religion in a fit of juvenile atheism at the age of 14, but never the church – soon after I abandoned attendance and confirmation classes, a family of rollicking folk musicians took over the music program at the Sacred Heart. Their brand of hand holding,… Read More

  • glenreallysmall

    Are We Ever Being Ignored?

    Most musicians I know working in New York City are doing it several times a week – they bring all their passion, expertise and chops to play and effectively be ignored at a party, restaurant, or a particularly boisterous club. In the rooms I sing in, there’s usually… Read More

  • new-years-eve-ball-drop-2

    A Few Favorite Things of 2014

    So it’s that season when all the  ‘Best of the Year’ lists come out, which to me might as well be titled “Look at all the awesome things you didn’t see this year, how did you miss this?” lists. I feel like I’ll begin 2015 with a lot of… Read More

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_a7ES1S3-eE

    5 Unexpected Holiday Songs for the Season

    Happy Holiday Season to all! I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite tunes that are a little more obscure than the inevitable “Baby It’s Cold Outside” duets (is anyone else totally creeped out by that song?) or “All I Want for… Read More

  • bg-33

    New Website Up and Running!

    I’m thrilled to be sharing this new site with all of you – I hope you enjoy it’s many features, and come back and visit this ‘News” section frequently – it’s where I’ll put all the latest! Special thanks to Exponent Collaborative and Eriksen Graphics for the beautiful design.

  • Kristen_Sergeant_7_14_14 40032_Fav

    Kristen’s a winner of the 2014 NY Jazz Forum Arts Vocal Competition!

    Kristen was honored to be among the 3 winners of this year’s Jazz Forum Arts Vocal Competition. The winner’s concert was held at the Master’s School in Dobb’s Ferry, NY on July 9th where the winners performed with a trio led by David Janeway. Kristen closed the concert with her… Read More

  • Kristen_Sergeant_7_14_14 40320

    How Wine Can Make You a Better Musician.

    It’s no secret that slugging chardonnay can give a performer some gumption before taking to the stage. However, liquid courage is not the subject of this particular blog post. As much as I love both drinking and singing, I don’t pursue them simultaneously; any attempt I have made… Read More

  • Singin’ & Swiggin’ on Thanksgiving (or, why Sarah Vaughn reminds me of California Pinot)

    So, every Thanksgiving I host a family wine tasting the night before the holiday (this tradition beat out several attempts at running a Turkey Trot 5k race the next morning – we now stick to our strengths.) This year, my brother suggested I pair music with the wine,… Read More

  • at the movies…

    Firstly, a film recommendation: “Whiplash” a psychological horror movie of pedagogy, still in theaters. Imagine that Mr. Holland went demonic and taught jazz and you’ve got the idea. It’s the story of a young jazz drummer who is taken in by this teacher and has a journey of… Read More

  • 52ndcolor

    Ya don’t have to go home, but ya can’t stay here

    So the other night as I emerged from the club after a gig (and a few glasses of wine), I was in that happy haze of having sung with abandon and having made music with some great players. A friend of mine joined me on my way out,… Read More

  • 5 Songs That Make Me Wish I Were a Man

    One of the things I love about singing jazz is that very rarely is anything off limits – whether you be white or black, old or young, male or female (or anywhere in between) the Great American Songbook (and beyond) is yours for the taking. If you have… Read More

  • An open fan letter…

    On seeing Annie Ross at the Metropolitan Room Going to see Ms. Ross a on a snowy even in January was one of those experiences that reminded me of the difference between good and great – the difference between someone expertly executing music someone who has simply become… Read More

  • The Trouble with Competitions

    “There is no win and no fail. There is only make.” – John Cage’s rules for students and teachers. As I embark on expressing my thoughts about the perils of musical competitions, I imagine feathers might be ruffled. I at least hope this will not be due to… Read More

  • rockswreck


    It’s our job to make art out of what’s left over. Assertion, intention — sculpt the past’s remnants scattered on the rocks; Flotsam memories of vessels once afloat and whole. We must make new marvels of what we find – Stake and arrange our rock-strewn broken pieces with… Read More

  • Tell Them About It

    ‘Cause now and then she’ll get to worrying because you haven’t spoken for so long Though you may not have done anything will that be a consolation when she’s gone?” – Billy Joel (Tell Her About It) Whenever I go to hear live music of any genre, I’m… Read More