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On Moe Brooker’s “Present Futures”

– Present Futures, Moe Brooker 2006 Only with a knowing could he streak and scribble like that Perfect squares – beautifully blighted by clouds of color These aren’t the spatters and chaos of accident But a sage lover’s improvisations Spectral waves in vibrant intimacy rubbed squiggled and smudged Creation’s joy is in the making Formless

Church Singin’

So, I left religion in a fit of juvenile atheism at the age of 14, but never the church – soon after I abandoned attendance and confirmation classes, a family of rollicking folk musicians took over the music program at the Sacred Heart. Their brand of hand holding, strumming celebration was heartfelt and truly musical

A Few Favorite Things of 2014

So it’s that season when all the  ‘Best of the Year’ lists come out, which to me might as well be titled “Look at all the awesome things you didn’t see this year, how did you miss this?” lists. I feel like I’ll begin 2015 with a lot of things to catch up on…but I did

5 Unexpected Holiday Songs for the Season

Happy Holiday Season to all! I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite tunes that are a little more obscure than the inevitable “Baby It’s Cold Outside” duets (is anyone else totally creeped out by that song?) or “All I Want for Christmas is You” – which amidst all


“There’s no question that the jazz vocal market is a very crowded one, with singers who range from “wanna-be” to “stellar”… Kristen’s voice puts her at the very top of the Stellar category. It’s been a good while since I’ve heard such a lively and enchanting performance of this classic tune; her spirit just shimmers

Cadence Magazine

“Kristen Lee Sergeant is a new voice and it is a good one – able to take harmonic leaps and be subtly seductive on INSIDE OUT…More please.”