I thought I’d give the floor to some of the more brilliant things I’ve heard or read in the last week or so – wise words from an artist, writer, musician, a particularly incisive colleague or a jam session conversation…and a tweet doesn’t really do them justice. I hope they inspire you!

On spontaneity:
“Renoir once said to me: “When I have arranged a bouquet for the purpose of painting it, I always turn to the side I did not plan.””
– Henri Matisse, Jazz

On being spurned:
“Rejection is God’s protection.”
– Delilah H., lady of wisdom and spice

On design (or anything, really):
“Heritage beats out modernity, every time.”
– my friend Joseph Baldessare, master of the bon mot

On improving:
“It is impossible to look good and get better at the same time.”
– Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

On individuality:
“You’ve only got yourself – everyone else is taken.”
– Oscar Wilde

Any favorite quotes or sayings to add? I’d love to know what yours are – do share!

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